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“Tranchida puts responsibility on others”

Tropani’s homes are plagued with garbage and complaints about delays in withdrawing money on social media. Municipal Councilor Anna Carusio intervened and attacked Mayor Giacomo Transida: “According to him, the service is the responsibility of the ASP, but he is doing something wrong.” As a testament to his dissertation, after mentioning that “ASP is responsible for collecting affected waste internally, not externally,” the mayor himself cites a two-born order stating that collecting accordingly is powerful. Therefore, to the municipality.

Then an acknowledgment: “This system is dysfunctional, – says Caruccio – a waste system managed by the municipality through ASP and Energeticcombient. We have to admit, we are human beings. The councilor is intervening in an order signed by Transida by Wednesday to extend the closure of schools. “This is insane. General Figliolo says it’s a good place to be when it’s a safe place.”

There is no point in closing schools without allowing teachers and students to teach through Dad. One thing – he concludes – is that distance education is being blocked, one is the total closure of schools. And it’s not good.

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