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A strange cube structure photographed at a distance from the moon

The Hidden Face of the Moon: We know it is hidden behind the mysterious “cube” shape observed by Yudu-2.

A cottage? The art of aliens? An Arc de Triumph …? This strange cube shape was seen on the horizon Round lunar Yutu-2 talked a lot about it as soon as its invention was announced a month ago. For the astromobile groups piloting from China, the interest was strong, and it was a huge test to see more closely what it was. But for that, they had to wait a while for the machine to come out Sleep On a freezing lunar night. At the end of December 2021, Yudu-2 Was moving towards and this mysterious system was raised Away from the moon.

On January 6, after many hours of work, the “pilots” discovered on their screens what it was: a large pebble … placed on the edge of a small impact crater. Was disappointing. It has nothing to do with the Arc de Triomphe or any other building, which is widely speculated. One of the pilots shouted that this is the famous Jade Rabbit Yudu in Chinese mythology. In fact, on closer inspection, we see a rabbit From Rounded, head facing right சோலைல். And maybe one Carrots In front of him, some pearls behind him.

Everyone will probably be a little disappointed, but anyway, this ballad, with small jumps, was very useful to the rover who improved its performance, its team explained. After this discovery, the Yudu-2 crossed the 1,000-meter mark barrier since its arrival three years ago. And the adventure is not over yet.

What is this cube structure photographed at a distance from the moon?

By article Natalie Mayor Released December 11, 2021

The Chinese Rover Yudu-2 Landed on the hidden side நிலா In January 2019. From then on he traveled non-stop Sadness The lunar region of the Van Karman Valley. And in his journey he has already attracted a kind of attention Gel Polished ” Became molten rock as a result of an impactMeteor.

At this time, Yutu-2 detected an object whose shape is very limited. A cube that appears on the northern horizon, about 80 meters from the machine, stillLarge groove Van Kerman.

Curiously, the scientists chose to propel the rover towards this strange object. It will approach it in the next two to three lunar days – approximately two or three Earth months. By taking care to avoid many potholes in its path. And has always relied solely on it Energy Solar energy for improvement. In the hope of creating it all Light About the nature of this cube. Probably quite simply a large rock, more excavatedThe impact of a meteorite.

Very simple, but interesting. This is because the cube may indicate a recent impact, thus allowingAstronomers To study the composition of the moon more closely.