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According to an insider, the development is almost complete -

According to an insider, the development is almost complete –

Starfield Seems to be on Final cleaning phase When there is real content development, general and final improvements should be used Completion, According to SKULLZI, whose Twitter and YouTube accounts have, for years, specialized in practice related to Bethesda rumors.

So it is a rumor that cannot be verified at present, but I have to tell it from him Scully In recent months it has not yet been confirmed as it has been anticipating various information that has actually changed and some of the various films that are supposed to be the creation of Starfield in 2018. In short, we can consider it, but always only as a simple rumor.

As reported in the tweet, Bethesda is making it a priority at the current stageAdjustment Final lighting, rearrangement of elements, response to feedback received, identification of potential system opportunities and finalization of optimization.

In the final stages, tests are performed on the target hardware, be it PC and Xbox Series X | Optimization for S and is another step in general cleaning before finally starting to “fit”. If this is really the state of things, it will be more together Confirmation of exit Considering that Starfield will be completed by November 22, 2022, 10 months after most of the development has already begun.

Recently, Bethesda sent out two works of art in preparation for the next presentation of the game planned for spring, one of which shows a picture to explore the mysterious caves, and wished that by 2022 everyone would be full of discoveries.

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