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Comment télécharger GhostWire: Tokyo Prelude sur PlayStation 5

Tokyo preview on PlayStation 5

Image via Bethesda Softworks

You can get a taste of GhostWire: Tokyo world for free by downloading the previous visual novel. GhostWireL Tokyo Prelude is available for free to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. The only problem is that it does not show up when you search for it in the PlayStation 5 Store.

Here’s how to download GhostWire: Tokyo Preface

If you have any problems downloading, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the PlayStation Store and convert your site to PS4.
  • You can do this by switching to the filter tabs and by switching your computer.
  • Search for GhostWire: Tokyo Prelude and click Download in PS4 Version.
  • The game will be automatically downloaded as the PS5 version.
  • If it still does not appear, click here to add the game manually to your library.
  • After adding Tokyo: Ghostwire Prelude to your library, the PlayStation website will give you the option to remotely download the game on your computer.

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Official GhostWire: Tokyo Twitter account resolved the confusion surrounding the download. If you have been waiting for the PC version of the visual novel, it will be released on March 8th.

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