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This Android processor is stealing your Facebook credentials, delete it!

This Android processor is stealing your Facebook credentials, delete it!

We’re sorry, but downloading apps from the Google Play Store does not guarantee the security of the app. There are actually many black sheep, and one of them is the Kraftzard cartoon camera.

Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools looks like a normal photo filter app, but actually hides the Trojan horse that steals Facebook credentials. It is less serious than banking information data, but still, hackers can damage this kind of data.

Under-the-radar application

This app was discovered by security researchers Brady, Is allowed to upload photos using the “Cartoon” filter. Very basic, secure … at least the developer wanted users to trust it. Because when he linked to his Facebook account to share the modified image, the processor showed a fake social networking login page.

There is enough screen to push the user to enter his Facebook username and password. Information collected by hackers can also be used to infringe on other websites and Internet services (if the victim used the same password) or used for phishing.

Cleverly, the authors of the app have arranged to send the auto security of the Kraftzart Cartoon Photo Tools Play Store without any hassle. Under these conditions, it was the perfect malicious processor … Warned by Pradeo, Google withdrew the app from its store a few days ago. If you have ever downloaded it, remove it immediately.

The biggest problem is upstream. Detecting and removing malicious apps at source depends on the Play Store, so users do not have to worry about the risk of apps in the store. Unfortunately, we know this is not the case. Croftcart Cartoon Photo Tools 100,000 Downloads