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We finally know why the T-Rex had such small arms

We finally know why the T-Rex had such small arms

Why did the mighty T-Rex, with its terrifying figure and sharp teeth, have such ridiculously small hands? Researchers have been struggling with this question for years. Over time, Many theories have tried to explain it, Testifying that these little limbs sometimes help to get up if they fall to the ground, and sometimes to hold their partner during mating or to stabilize the muscles of his head and neck. Theories that struggle to convince the entire scientific community and they can be destroyed by recent discovery.

Based on the recovered fossils In a mass dinosaur cemetery in Utah, Many ancient researchers have actually proven that tyrants do not hunt in solitude as they thought at the time, but rather in packs. An invention that inspired the ancient scientist Kevin PadiyanThe professor at the University of Berkeley approaches the question from a completely different perspective this time around, to return to this reflection on D-Rex’s small arms.

In an article published in the journal Archeology Acta Paleontologia polonica, The archaeologist presents his theory. According to him, having small arms had the advantage of being able to hunt in D-Rex packs and crowding around their prey to swallow it: allowing them to avoid accidentally (or not) chewing on them during the party.

The T-Rex Crisis

Imagine that scene for a moment. Try to get as much fat as possible by chewing multiple D-Rex, whole teeth in all directions around the same body. If the latter are fitted with long proportioned arms, there is no doubt that they will try to catch the flesh with their claws. An unfortunate blow from the jaw will no doubt break these long legs regularly and drag them into the middle of the party. To avoid this, there is only one solution: to reduce the length of these forearms for generations.

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The hypothesis gets grounded and finds similarities especially in some of the animals of our era. Except for the Komodo dragon, the crocodiles have behavioral patterns similar to those of the D-Rex. With their sharp teeth, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur between people of the same race rushing over the same corpse. Video of crocodile food at the Australian Zoo, Shared by Huff Post, A clear example. We now have a better understanding of T-Rex.