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The PS5 version weighs a lot less than the PS4 version -

The PS5 version weighs a lot less than the PS4 version –

The PlayStation Store has now made pre-loading available PS4 and PS5 versions From Stories that arose This allows us to detect that in some parts of the world and the PS5 version weighs much less than the PS4 version. Precisely, let’s talk 20GB less.

Through the PS Store, the PS5 version of Tales of Rice weighs 37,201GB, while the PS4 version weighs 57,247GB. 20 GB difference is equal PS4 weight about 35% less: It makes little difference.

This is not the first time the PS5 has offered games with smaller dimensions. For example, the Marvel Spider-Man Remaster and the Marvel Spider-Man Miles were about 25% lighter on the PlayStation 5 than the Morales PS4 version.

Note that Tales of Rice will be available on PC and Xbox consoles and PlayStation from September 10, 2021. You can read what we tried, in which “The more we try the Tales of Rice, the more we like it. Of course, the structure of the game does not differ from the best stories, but the updated combat system, the most interesting and diverse universe., Well-categorized characters and finally formed technology. Are the best quality to look at that may be more than enough elements to dramatically raise our expectations. “

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