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Tim, cash withdrawals for customers take place: How to process a request

Tim, cash withdrawals for customers take place: How to process a request

Tim was required to withdraw customer money in connection with the 28 day billing. Let’s see how to claim entitlement to compensation.


The verdict of the Milan court is clear. There is a telephone company Obligation to repay Per Customers who have applied for 28 day billing, Using the terms of the contract. The consumer movement was brought to the attention of the Lombard capital court A win. Tim cannot use billing clauses Every 8 weeks For subscribers and holders of fixed network contracts.

Tim allowed, what the Milan court decided

The Milan court ruled in favor of the use of the 28-day invoice section Affects the collective interests and rights of consumers. The same response was given in 2018 regarding legal action against Windrey, which was then arranged to refund to customers.

The reference period in the case against Tim covers not only the period between June 2017 and April 2018 Each subscription is signed from 1 April 2017. Therefore, the permit starts from the moment the company abandons the monthly billing to switch to the 28th day. In addition to subscriptions, customers who have executed the contract will be involved in a refund Stable network from 1 April 2017 to 5 April 2018 And then withdraw.

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Tim’s cash back is underway, and how to claim them

Tim has to fulfill his duties Withdraw money. The consumer movement will check whether the company is operating by notifying all affected customers of the right to compensation for the 28-day billing application. Communication should happen for both Through the portal Online, and through publication in national newspapers. In addition, Tim will include judgment and refund details in the invoice sent to customers. In particular, Submit a refund application It’s so simple. It would be sufficient for the consumer to ask explicitly in writing to obtain the amount illegally paid. The company must take responsibility for incoming requests within thirty days and proceed with the refund.

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