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Google Pixel 6

You can buy the Google Pixel 6 on eBay in Italy

Google Pixel6 e Google Pixel 6 Pro Starting in Italy and officially available From the first months of 2022 (We hope to be more accurate), but you can count on some retailers if you do not want to wait EBayThere are really new smartphones Available On a well-known site, until you accept slightly lower “interesting” prices.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are available on eBay

After being Landed on, Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro appear on eBay and can be purchased in a variety of colors. Not currently applicable to prices officially announced by Google Presentation (It should start at 64 649 for the Pixel 6 and € 899 for the Pixel 6 Pro), but it’s very predictable.

If you do not want to wait months to get your hands on your new Big G smartphone, you can check out the plans available on eBay, among which we can find the following:

Let it be so Amazon Both on eBay New smartphones for the Mountain View home are starting to become available, especially expected by Android enthusiasts but especially (this year, with news Android 12 And tensor, in addition to the specific design).

If you are looking for other models, check it out Other eBay discountsIf you are looking forward to buying your new robot device, we advise you to start dedicating our page Black Friday Best Deals For Android Smartphones, Now approaching.

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