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New IEP, you need to know: Download template and information from experts [LO SPECIALE]

New IEP, you need to know: Download template and information from experts [LO SPECIALE]

By October, schools must complete the IEP model, the individual education plan, which must first contain the full set of specifications for the new system, based on the ICF, government ordinance set by the Ministry of Education. 182/2020 and its links (guidelines, IEP templates, links C and C1). However, sentence no. 9795/2021 of 14 September 2021 of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, the situation has changed and schools are invited to use the previous models, however, combining them with some innovations, the parts were not rejected by Lazio TAR.

The reasons for the cancellation of Logio TAR are as follows:

  • Innovative general rules for admission were ordered using the instrument of the order, instead of a rule, in accordance with the practical rules for issuing regulations;
  • An organization of the GLO is imagined except as envisioned by the primary law.
  • Departments are exempt for certain types of disabled students.

Abolished all new methods of determining teaching support on the basis of a pre-determined limit and on the basis of so-called “operational credit”.

In particular, TAR noted that management could not have provided the new PEI model without prior control over the methods of detecting disability and operating profile.

It was not long before the Ministry of Education’s response came, which issued a note a few days later, in the light of the Thar judgment, providing some hints for the Pei set.

The ministry later recalled it. “In this regard, the legal order n. 66/2017 and subsequent amendments contain detailed references to ensure the participation of all involved in the scheme of inclusion in this regard:

a) Personalized Curriculum – IEP (Article 7, paragraph 2), specifying methods and times for preparation; Identifying educational and artificial objectives; Etc.
b) School Admissions Committees (Art. 9) and, in particular, GLO – Functional Working Committees for Admissions, especially the composition and its functions (paragraph 10) and student participation (paragraph 11).

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So the ministry aims “Continue educational and artificial activities in favor of boys and girls, students and students with disabilities, in accordance with the rules established by the Constitution and the absolute priority of the right to education.

This means that the forms used up to now must be accepted, however, to be made explicit by Order 66/17. So we need to add some sections related to bio-psycho-social profile.

Expert advice

“Pei must be approved by October 31. But if there is no alternative call, so in the light of the new ICF approach, what can we do if Pei does not have a critical monitoring phase? he said Ernesto Chirac, During a special show on OS TV on September 30th.

Stefania PinelliThe professor of Unisalando, during a special program on Orisonde School TV dedicated to the new IEP, explained the importance of observation in the ICF approach and how the student moving environment is fully integrated.

Therefore, the expert suggested how we can study in the context of what our student can do away from the environment through the ICF approach (Ability) And find the same approach within the context of an environment (Performance)

The same environment contributes to improving or worsening an ability. So it can become a barrier or a helper. In planning activities, therefore, these two factors need to be considered.

Evaluating the ability and performance of the new IEP student with disabilities

Special with Ernesto Chirac

Special with Stefania Pinnelli

Useful documentation


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