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Three video spoilers show new creatures hidden in beta -

Three video spoilers show new creatures hidden in beta –

YouTuber Xolara shared New videos dedicated to the Elton Ring, Using the beta version of the game. The game network of the softwares were in testing Organism, Like the “tower animal” you see above, but they are disabled in the version provided for players. As always, we remind you not to watch videos if you do not want to fall into some kind of expectation /Spoiler About the game.

Tower animal, As defined in the video, is similar to the creature shown in the Elton Ring trailers. It’s a tower with legs, it’s moving. The video shows us it in the swamp of the Network Test, one of the first game areas.

The second video, which you can see below, is dedicated Melina. As mentioned in the description, Melina (who also acts as an intermediary to level the checkpoints) is the boss of the game. In the video he was transformed into one of the first bosses he met in the open world, but his moves and conversation did not work properly.

Next, we find a kind Being skeletal is weird, Deformed, with a bird skeleton. The video shows that there is no information about it. Can’t even beat the model found in the game.

The Elton Ring is coming out on February 25th, 2022, and more and more promotional campaigns are about to begin, but the EBGames chain wants to destroy the ad levels of the game, and here’s why.