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How To Download YouTube And Facebook Videos

How To Download YouTube And Facebook Videos

There are a lot of them and they are not all tasty. This is also one of the areas where software developers want to shadow their installers through plotware and malware for some reason, so you need to be more careful than installing Microsoft Office.

With this in mind, I tried many, many years, and usually uninstalled them all, because YouTube often changes settings and they gradually stop working. However, for the past two years I have relied on a program that only works on both PC and Mac, so I highly recommend this one.

ClipCrop Video can be taken in any format, audio only in mp3 files. If the user-friendly interface and regular updates do not degrade me and need to archive anything for later viewing, this is my only use.

I have a YouTube Premium account, which lets you download videos on my device to watch on the go while on the go, which is awesome, but sometimes it’s not as convenient as I need it to be.

Once you’ve loaded Clipgrab, you’ll find out if you’ve copied the YouTube URL from your browser, and it’s set to ask if you want to download or catch it. It will ask you where you want to save it and depending on your connection it will be on your hard drive in a few seconds.

A progress bar shows you the progress, making it easy to watch the downloaded video from there.

It is constantly updated to keep track of what YouTube is doing in terms of delivering content.

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There are only a few settings to pay attention to – things like where you want to store your downloads and whether you want to automatically add the YouTube links you copy to your clipboard.

There is also a built-in search box for searching YouTube, you do not technically need to visit the website, you can do everything from ClipGrap. It’s so simple and as of this writing, there can be no computer without it!

Oh, and as a bonus, Clipgrab can now store Facebook videos on your computer. So if you want to download Youtube videos, Try Clipgrab now