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The treatment plant malfunctioned and the sewer was discharged into the Impero stream.  Forestry and Arpal / site photos and videos

The treatment plant malfunctioned and the sewer was discharged into the Impero stream. Forestry and Arpal / site photos and videos

“The situation in Toronto Impero is unspeakable. Mayor Scozola gives some answers.”. He told our newspaper Lucio Sardi, Provincial Secretary Italian left, At this afternoon Mouth Of Stream In collaboration with technicians Arpal There Forestry Carabinieri Check art status.

Imperia: Sewage is discharged into the Impero stream

In fact, since last October 1st, with Accidental command e Urgent, The Mayor Claudio Scazola He has Prohibited The Bathing His Everything The Coast e Approved implementation Of Exhausts Sewers From Hurry To allow Work, Handed over to the company Maritima Service Team, From Repair Of Pipe From Order Of Purifier (At least since September 2020, Someone complicit Fracture, expelled Sewer waste is not fully treated Throwing a stone off the beach, instead of a 1.5 km Turn off and accept 30 meters Depth). In fact, therefore, the Sewers, Complicit in it Stop Al சுத்திகரிப்பான், Download Tamil Directly In Streams, mostly coastal.

In the middle Exhausts From Hurry Was born Is One thing though Own At Mouth Of Toronto Impero. Once an hour, approx 15 minutes, Download Stream, Precisely a real one has developed in recent years Natural environment With Mallards, ducks, egrets, herons e Cats.

Smell There is Unbearable, e On the water, Much Cloudy Do not look The seabed of the Impero Stream, Both Mouth That’s one more Monte, Germination Like e கறை, Come on Highlighted From clear Images.

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A Situation That Has been going on for several months (Since last October) and that Not at all He has Specific time. Theoretically Illegal, But done “Temporarily legal“From the order Of The mayor, however, was hastily justified Of You work in a refinery.

However, there are many doubts about this Provincial Secretary From Italian Lucio left Sardi. Give it to her Method From I die, By a Hanging pipe, At Condition Of Works, which started 3 months ago, were halted During the study of Arpal e Forestry Carabinieri, Until then Time. For how long Empire (And the sea stretch ahead, which Runs along The Urban park, Connected to the torrent by a pipe) can Bear The Continuous discharge From Sewage waste Without experiencing severe pollution events?

Arpal is now confirmed e The Forestry Carabinieri will inform competent organizations of its outcome Of Site inspection.

Stream Empire: Lucio Sardi’s skepticism and appeal to companies

“There has to be one Workspace I Work, But really we have FoundIt’s not there – Sardi announcesWe saw one Situation Where not There is an area From Fitted patio, There is one Scraper That some times And Moving. It is not possible to understand what the end time of this intervention will be. In the meantime we have Recorded What a thing Situation That Continue Gives Months. The Exhausts Of Purifier Download Tamil Directly In According to Of நதி, Pigeon There is an overflow drainage system.

I have seen more than one discharge. Every hour yes Active One I die Give one Pathetic hanging pipe On top of that Edge of the empire, And a quarter of an hour The water comes out and blows a terrible stench. One Odor That Really carries on The Breath, Obviously there is one Nebulization From Ingredients That’s not it Let yourself breathe. This Water quality That Downloading. This is not purified water, On the other hand Of River Is there Another sewer that exits directly overflows. It’s a Unspeakable condition.

We have been dealing with the announced intervention for several months and this should have already been done. Instead there is a Phantom construction site. There is one System From Hurry So yes Download Tamil The Directly to the sewer In According to OfRiver. Everyone knows this, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. A situation Unacceptable It has been going on since Months e We fear this will continue for months.

What do we ask of companies? We need to clarify. The Mayor Have to say True, There are many times Announced The Perception Of Works. The situation is Absolutely nebula. We definitely To Clear answers e Accurate About the times Perception From This intervention. It takes Clarity e Severity. Here is one Unacceptable situation “.