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This is how Mario Kart's gravity at Super Nintendo World ~ Pokemon Millennium works

This is how Mario Kart’s gravity at Super Nintendo World ~ Pokemon Millennium works

The Super Nintendo World It was back Closed less than a month later Since its official launch. Dedicated amusement park Super MarioTherefore, he may have to wait a little longer before finally opening, but some rides have already been attempted despite a very short start time. One of these Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge, The attraction of the Super Nintendo world dedicated to the video game of the same name.

It uses virtual reality to allow viewers to immerse themselves in this carousel-giving experience. Mario Kart: Cuba’s challenge is a very ambitious project that can give the impression of driving a card with Nintendo characters through magnified reality. Theory plot e Tom Xerox, Part of the creative team Universal, Revealed that the carousel was built with all the obstacles and objects in mind in the Mario Kart video game, all of which are on the inspired path, thanks to the developed reality.

But the panel does not stand by these details and explains what its function is Steering Super Nintendo is in the carousel stations of the world because these are used to do Drift Full attraction just like you do in Mario Kart. However, this only happens when all participants turn the steering wheel at the same time, which is when a light signal indicates the right moment to turn left or right. To lure you back at the right time, everyone gets at the end of the race Score The highest is given to those who have done the most perfect deeds, such as throwing bombs at obstacles that appear in the way.

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