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The xCloud switch is not going to land

The xCloud switch is not going to land

Nintendo Its consoles have always been viewed with envy, and the situation does not seem to want to change. David Gibson says the Japanese brand has openly stated that it is questionable to return it to him. Click Compatible with cloud gaming services such as xCloud.

Microsoft has a bare nose with xCloud. A service that allows you to play games from any device, without installation and without configuration, you should recognize that this is a very attractive idea.

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Because of the strength of the service: its universal nature. You can start a game on your Xbox Series X and then continue on the Galaxy S21 to restart it on your computer, that’s one.

XCloud on the switch, it’s not going to happen

Unfortunately for Microsoft and gamers, not all doors seem to want to open. After Apple, knocking on the door in the face of service is Nintendo’s turn.

It all started with a tweet, which was posted by Matt Biscadella, so a personality in this field. One tweet was originally posted in response to another tweet by Tom Warren. Tweet with a photo that had a switch.

Surprisingly, many pointed to the small console, which could have foreshadowed a good relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft, especially in terms of services. So, Matt Piscadella responded by explaining that such a compromise is unlikely, or that in any case it will lead to the arrival of xCloud on the small Nintendo console.

Nintendo does not like other services

That’s where the story takes a new turn. David Gibson also responded to the tweet, explaining that Nintendo had made it clear to him that the switch would no doubt be compatible with third-party cloud gaming services.

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In other words, Nintendo does not like xCloud on its switch.

This is not surprising. Nintendo has always gone it alone and there is no reason to switch to it. Still, the idea of ​​accessing Xbox game pass titles on your switch, it would have been something else, don’t you think?