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Sega Dreamcast

This Dreamcast is awesome with the Raison 5 Pro and 16GB of RAM.

The modeling community always finds a way to surprise with their creations. It ranges from the “world’s largest” Nintendo Switch to a completely redesigned, liquid-cooled PS5. The truth is, it’s never too late to come up with another crazy job. This time, they have a … Sega Dreamcast on gaming system.

YouTube user Temujin 123 has been given the task of bringing new life to Seka’s famous console. Through video, he documented every moment of the transformation process, which was not easy because he first had to find more elements than the integrated Dreamcast. I.e., The interior space had to be improved as much as possible..

To achieve its goal, Temujin designed a platform with metal tags mounted on the 123 motherboard. At this point he used a kit ASRock X300M. This is a card with essential attachments for “mini PC” configurations. On the other hand, there are no PCIe slots for graphics cards, although there is no room for them.

The motor selects three storage options. A 1 dB. The Dreamcast was also equipped with a wireless connection. Temujin 123 used one of the M.2 slots to add an Intel dual band WiFi card.

The modified Dreamcast is ready to play

There is no doubt that Dreamcast’s housing is not designed for current hardware, which actually generates more heat. To avoid temperature issues, Temujin decided to install the 123 motherboard below so that the CPU fan is down and slightly elongated.

At this point, the motor has selected the processor. AMD Raison 5 Pro 4560G with integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics.. In addition, two important ballistics SO-DIMM 3600 MHz 8 GB modules and a Magsita UJ8C0 (SATA) DVD drive.

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The result? A mini PC disguised as a Dreamcast capable of playing some Windows DVD games, such as Supreme Commander (2007). Motors have found a way to revive a console that was misunderstood in its day for some reason or another.