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Sonic Colors: Ultimate Gear 30 FPS Su Nintendo Switch?

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Gear 30 FPS Su Nintendo Switch?

Version specific downgrade for Nintendo console

Bad news for those waiting for a visit Sonic Colors: Ultimate In its version Nintendo Switch: Obviously this is the lowest performance version available Special Remaster.

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New Trailer for Sonic Colors: Explains Ultimate Messages

In fact, a new trailer was released a few days ago that will tell you its features, regardless of whether the videos and the information provided are specific to one or all available versions (PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4).

OK, Nintendo Has now released its own version of the trailer, clearly stating the version Click: Except that the first sign no longer represents 4K resolution (logically) or 60 FPS … everything in its place clearly indicates the downgrade of the feature, which brings the action, probably, to 30 standard FPS in the world.

Nothing serious, you might think: but it’s still a game Sonic, In which the fluidity and speed of the movements are the real focus of the game … and there is no doubt that it is not the switch that has the best performance on other platforms.

The game, available from next September 7, we leave you the official summary:

Join Sonic on the greatest high-speed adventure of all time! Evil Dr. Ekman has built a vast galaxy amusement park filled with colorful rides and attractions. Unfortunately with the aliens he captures, he feeds him wisely! Explore the six unique colorful worlds full of dangerous enemies and obstacles to overcome, use Sonic Lightning Speed ​​and discover their amazing secret powers. Now with improved graphics and gameplay, additional features and new gameplay, Sonic Colors: Ultimate is an experience you can’t miss. Sonic will be tested in this brisk journey to unleash intelligence, but with their help, yours, he will see all sorts of things!

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