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Interview with Anthony Septim, Music Director at Dreaming Sarah Game

Interview with Anthony Septim, Music Director at Dreaming Sarah Game

Follows us Test D Dreaming Sarah, Nintendo Town was able to talk to the composer Anthony Septim, For that we leave him the introductory words:

Hello, I call myself Anthony Septim on the internet, I composed music for Dreaming Sarah, I love Kingdom Hearts so much!

How long have you been composing music?

Music I started composing music at the age of 11 in 2000. A game on PlayStation allowed me to get acquainted with MAO (computer aided music), but 10 years ago, I started playing music on my own PC.

Is there a connection between music and relaxation therapy?

So for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, I often talk about relaxation therapy because this is a career I practice within a year, without going into details, I intend to bring my future songs to good use in the future Therapist

Course What is your course?

I may be vague in this sphere, but I had a confusing school trip, yet I am always cradled by a beautiful star that allows me to do what I want every day of my life

A What made you want to become a musician?

Hmmm, maybe this should be a bit long, but this is my favorite question in this interview! When I was 14, I had the opportunity to play Silent Hill 2, a Survival Horror, this game was a masterpiece, the music played a major role and many fans, for me, it was even worse, I became Akira Yamoka (Silent Hill) Composer of OSTs) I dreamed of composing music for horror games in style, and he is still my biggest influence to date.

Want to create other music for other games? For pictures? Singers?

I like to compose music regularly for independent games, look at a writer’s picture, why not? But clearly not for singers or for big productions.

Do you play the games you create?

When you are involved in the development of a game, it is always different to play the same game. It’s clearly not the same, to be honest, I do not really like playing it. On the other hand, I like to read the theories of the players and the critics of the music.

A How to write a game? Do you follow the studio instructions by reading and playing the script?

I agree that for me it was so easy, I locked myself in a style that controlled me a lot, but at the same time gave me more freedom with people who wanted to work with me because being with them meant dark, depressing music with dark atmospheres they knew.

What music do you listen to?

I ask for tons of OST! But really I can go from Mozart to Kojira and then to Sobin, then K-POP at 30mn intervals! My brother who is with me is always confused and confused when I control the music in the car

Did you know the studio before?

This is a pretty crazy story! In 2011 I composed my first album titled Toluca, which was written to me on YouTube in Brazil 6 months later, to ask if you would be interested in adding the music of this album to her future game Dreaming Sarah, I was so confused because suddenly the album was composed like this, I said , I accepted that this was my chance, I accepted, and then I composed some more music, I am with this Brazilian studio

A How do you become a sports composer? Did you contact the studio (perhaps following the opening of the job?) Or vice versa?

Honestly I think this is a combination of luck and desire, there are plenty of independent projects today that require a lot of artists and music arrangers is one of them. Social Networks The best tools for finding projects and sharing your work in my view, the studio came to me, of which I am very grateful because for my part I did nothing but dream in my room of being a music composer that it would be published on the console, again, I was very lucky

How did you notify yourself of potential customers?

I first shared my music on the Zamendo site and then on YouTube, now I have a bandcamp and a lot of people on Twitter have the opportunity to follow, which helps a lot in visibility

Music How long does it take to create music? (~)

I may take an hour or several days, it really depends on my sensitivity

What do you do when waiting for contracts?

I have nothing but to talk about my life without worrying about whether I will be composing music for games again, but I already know that there will be a sequel to Dreaming Sarah and that I can enjoy a little more of that special radiance that Dreaming Sarah gave me. I have personal projects in music, so everything will be fine

We would like to thank Anthony Septim for taking the time to answer our questions. Congratulations to him!

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