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This beloved AAA game is leaking its arrival on the portable console

This beloved AAA game is leaking its arrival on the portable console

Since the switch was released in 2017, a number of AAA games released on other platforms have been sent to it. Despite the specifications below the Nintendo hybrid console, the best titles have arrived Doom is eternity Or The Witcher, Its version is called Switzer. A few weeks from now we will have to release another AAA port that leaks into the web.

Expected visit

There are plenty of leaks in the summer, which is more than late in the year. E3 and its annual conferences are an opportunity for those who are most interested to get upstream information, Through posts in forums like 4chan or through expressions shared by multiple locals. But nowadays, resellers are a reliable source for undeclared titles, ports and consoles. On the Russian side, the site seems to have sold out ahead of time. For good reason, the most popular AAA game sees its boarding released on the Nintendo Switch.

While the big players are still waiting for the arrival of the real Switch Pro, more and more tech enthusiasts should be satisfied with the simple screen change for the hybrid console, which is now switching to OLED. Although games have always been highly greedy, no power gain has been identified. Nevertheless, this absence does not seem to frighten the teachers, as they continue to have past successes. On the side of THQ Nordic, it seems that the last Opus of one of its primary sagas will take the direction of the switch along with its DLC.

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If we believe the latest leak, Darkshiders III Will soon benefit from a port to the Nintendo hybrid console. A release date has also been set for September 30. To join the basic game, interested players will need to check out its two DLC. Le Crusade And Defenders of the Vacuum, Will be included. For a port of more than one interest, surprisingly, there will be post-release content. Although THQ Nordic has not yet commented on the rumor, it should be noted that the list of the Russian site soon disappeared. Was a mistake confirmed in the coming weeks? Possibility.

On your side, Are you interested in a port? Darkshiders III Nintendo Switch? If not, let us know which port will catch your attention through the comments.