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Android: New Google app for data recovery in Play Store – Opposite Google One backup?


Google should be around the scroll Android 12 Edit the critical part of the smartphone backups. Android has had a backup and recovery function for many years, but so far it is not as detailed as the competition. That should change now, because the “new” application “Data Recovery Tool” appeared on the Google Play Store a few days ago. This is in line with the recently announced Google One backup.

Android google data recovery tool

Thanks to the numerous backups and cloud services, replacing smartphones will no longer be a big issue, but even though most of the data ends up on Google’s servers, there isn’t even a point contact for these backups yet. With the release of the Google One backup it is constantly changing, but of course it needs the opposite part: not only to load the data in the cloud, but also to download from there.

Now the new app is in the Google Play Store Data recovery tool Released, it gives only a few screenshots and the following brief description:

With this computer application, you can recover data stored on your old smartphone via cable connection or backup in the cloud. The application is already installed on your Android device.

It is a computer application that can download backups from the cloud or retrieve data from an Android smartphone connected via a USB cable. In fact, the application is not new, but has been a part of Android for many years – one of the many computer applications that do not appear anywhere as an “application”. Now the data recovery utility is visible, so be sure to provide frequent updates.

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Android Data Recovery

Interestingly, the app cannot be used with most users and has very different behaviors: sometimes it crashes as soon as it starts, and in some cases users get a restoration – but it fails. Part of the new app is a newer version than the one launched last night Android 12 Beta 3.1-Rollouts Comes with smartphones.

So far, Google has not commented in detail on the new backup plans, but it is clear that this very important area is finally moving.

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Data recovery tool
Data recovery tool

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