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Apple connects zero day vulnerabilities on iOS and macOS

Apple connects zero day vulnerabilities on iOS and macOS

Apple Device Family 2021. (Image: Apple)

Readers with an iPhone, iPad or Mac should quickly update to iOS 14.7.1, iPados 14.7.1 and MacOS Pixar 11.5.1. The patches close an already actively used safety gap.

Apple is reacting to a serious security hole discovery with a series of security updates for its operating systems, which will be released in a very short announcement. The security hole runs at Apple under the name CVE-2021-30807, which is said to have been announced anonymously. At its core is a memory allocation error, which is used to write arbitrary code IPhones, iPods Or Max To run. For example, it can be used to transmit targeted malware.

The vulnerability is already used

The manufacturer agrees that the vulnerability considered by various security experts on Twitter may have already been actively used. Otherwise, Apple is soaking wet and leaving it on the recommendation for an update.

Like Kettle’s Simbanu from Record By calculation, this is the thirteenth zero-day break that Apple has closed this year alone. Current versions are now iOS 14.7.1, iPadOS 14.7.1 and MacOS Big Sur 11.5.1.

These devices may receive updates

Apple fixes issue with connectivity in iOS 14.7.1 and iPhone models with Touch ID Apple Watch Unable to open using the “Unlock with iPhone” function.

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Updates will appear Only a week, After Apple released iOS 14.7 and iPods 14.7, is available for the following devices: desktops and notebooks with MacOS, iPhones from 6s, All iPods Pro, iPods Air 2, iPods from the fifth generation, iPods Mini 4 and touch from the seventh generation.

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