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De nombreuses prouesses scientifiques ont été réalisées en 2021.

These scientific discoveries that mark the year

Attention – By 2020, Govt-19 has wiped everything out, and other science subjects have struggled to stay. This year will be prosperous. Compile

Throughout the year, science news is dominated by Govt-19. The general public should read the curves, understand the epidemiological models, learn how our immune system works, and understand what the hospital environment was like at the end of its rope … and find out decades of research, but whose success came to light this year: RNA vaccines Messenger, which has long been in the shadows against cancer in particular, has shown unprecedented effectiveness in controlling the risk of this serious form of the disease that has rocked the world for almost two years.

But if Titanic efforts are still being made to clear our weapons against the Govt, the research world has largely resumed its other activities. The occasion of beautiful moments of surprise or hope throughout this difficult year. Medicine has done some “miracles”.

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