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Above are the most popular games on GTA 5: Twitch

Above are the most popular games on GTA 5: Twitch

Even in 2021, Twitch was the first call to many fans to watch video games via stream. Regular suspects based on the top five most popular topics of the year.

It was a record year at GTA5 Twitch. Only in September, October and November, the League of Legends saw the GTA throughout the year.

With approximately 140 million hours of viewing, Rockstar was able to double its value (61 million) over the previous year, thus earning the Twitch crown this year.

LoL and Fortnite are waiting

With nearly 80 million hours, League of Legends is the most popular MOBA in Twitch. Was able to upgrade more than ten million hours, but in the end it was not enough to take first place.

Fortnite (54 Million Hours), the previous year’s most popular game, topped the top 3 again in 2021. Thanks to regular content updates, Fortnite still looks set to become more popular with fans in the years to come.

FIFA and Warzone complete the top 5 spots

In 2021, two different FIFA components are re-emerging in Twitch. While FIFA 21 was popular from January to May, FIFA 22 took charge in September after a three-month short drought.

Despite the break, the FIFA game series was watched for a total of 53 million hours and ranked fourth, one of the most successful games of the year as usual.

Call of Duty: Top 5 completed by Warson. With about 51 million hours, Activision’s Battle is slightly behind Royal Fortnight and FIFA.

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