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These new features are waiting for you

These new features are waiting for you

In a few weeks, Google will like it Android 12 Publish Big update brings a new design and a lot of new features. But as long as smartphone manufacturers want it Samsung, Siomi And the company has distributed the update to users, Months go by. Google’s new announcement is very exciting: so this fall they want to bring some new features to all Android smartphones. The minimum requirement for this is Android 9. More than 90 percent of all Android smartphones meet this requirement.

With the new update you can control your TV with your smartphone, create your own emojis and more. We will provide you with an overview of all new functions.

Android gets integrated remote control

Is the remote control faulty or out of range? Your Android phone may help in the future. So Google integrates remote control for all Google TV Or Android TV devices directly on the computer. This includes all the latest TVs from Sony, Phillips, Panasonic, DCLXiaomi and other manufacturers. But like TV sets and streaming sticks Magenta TV Stick, Nvidia Shield or Google’s Chromecast. In the coming weeks the remote control can be found on the new Google TV app or directly on W-LAN, Airplane Mode and Co. Settings.

Create and send your own emojis

Another awesome feature that will be integrated into this fall Android keyboard Gboard is the Emoji Kitchen. Through this process you can combine different emojis and express even more emotions and things. You can send self-designed emojis to others through WhatsApp and Go.

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More safety in road traffic

Google’s own Pixel smartphones have been alerting their users for months when users look at their smartphone for a long time. Users will receive a warning like “Stay alert” or “Look up”. Now Google integrates functionality into digital wellness systems on every smartphone. Are you worried about announcements? Then you can turn it off.

Further Android Auto There are various new functions. So Google Assistant can suggest songs, messages and podcasts for you to listen to in the future. Supports more Android Auto Now you can be reminded of the work profile and assignments, for example, from your smartphone. Do you use both? SIM cards, You can choose what you want to use for landline calls in the car in the future. Even the popular one Navigation Utility Ways Gets some new functionality in Android Auto.

With the new integration of “GamesNox” in Android Auto, you can play countless mini-games in the future while you wait, for example, your electric car will be charged.

Android update: Password protected photos, easy sharing and more

The new update for all Android users brings to your smartphone a number of smaller functions that are exclusively available on Google Pixel smartphones. So you can create password-protected folders in the Google Photos app and hide personal photos and videos in the future.

Nearby Sharing is Google’s service to quickly share photos, videos and other files with nearby people without losing quality. With the new Visibility settings, only your contacts or all users will be able to know you.

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Google promises that all the functions listed will come with this year’s Android smartphone. Make sure all apps are up-to-date and use at least Android 9 on your smartphone.