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PS4 and PS5 Games Discount with September 2021 Weekend Offers -

PS4 and PS5 Games Discount with September 2021 Weekend Offers –

The PlayStation Store Launches new discount for PS4 and PS5 games (backward compatibility) Thanks to new games Weekend offers at the end of September 2021. A total of 93 products are available at low prices, including games and enhancements.

First, know that you can find a discount At the PlayStation Store at this address. They will be available until 00:59 on 28 September 2021 Italian time.

PlayStation Store offers include many exciting titles such as Jurassic World Evolution 7.49. This is a management game in which you have to create your own prehistoric theme park. In addition, there is a chance to rescue the first Aragami alone 3.99, The saga will start while waiting for the discount in the second episode.

Jurassic World Evolution, Trichoradopo

You can also find the blockchain: Under the Skin, a trial game set in New York in the 1950s, inhabited by anthropological animals. Available at 7.99 Rs. Those looking for a driving game can opt for Crawl, which is only on offer 2.99, Not forgetting that the Xenon Razor is also available 2.99.

Overall, these are Weekend Offers Many PS4 games (compatible backwards on the PS5) are included in the PS Store in late September 2021 at very low prices: they are mostly indie or “secondary” titles, but of lower quality.

We also remind you that all Japan discounts are available: here are games and 20 or less.

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