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Cyberpunk 2077 Titel

There was a significant bug in the last update

CD Project Red was released last week The biggest update for Cyberpunk 2077 And fixed various bugs with version 1.1. Version 1.2 should be followed soon, and the game should be further improved before that New content like DLC is planned.

Cyberbunk 2077: Version 1.1 A major bug

But the update seems to be bringing an error that will not allow it to continue playing. As Eurocomer Reports, the call expected during the “Down on the Street” mission does not work properly.


Since this is an important task, Cyberbunk 2077 will be completed by this point. But CD Project Red has already heard about this bug Released a solutionIt can help (but not do). It looks like this:

  1. Load a game service before leaving the office of Takemura and V. Wagako.
  2. Finish the conversation with Takemura immediately outside the office
  3. Avoid 23 hours when updating the search after the finished conversation.
  4. See if the hologram triggers and the conversation with Takemura begins

It is conceivable that the developers will release a minor update in the next few days and will not wait for version 1.2 to fix this issue.

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