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Comment télécharger gratuitement Office 365 Education pour les étudiants et les enseignants

Office 365 How to download education for free for students and teachers

Microsoft Office This is the most popular office suite in the world. His programs are used by all kinds of people around the world, but he has one area that is particularly successful: education. So, today we will show you How To Download Office For Free If You Are A Student Or Teacher (Completely legal). Let’s go!

Free office without hacking? It is possible if you are a student or a teacher

Get free office Our center is needed as part of the Microsoft Office 365 curriculum. In many cases, the school, institution or university in question warns him from its own website.

If you do not know if your center is eligible For the free Office 365 Education download, you can always skip this step and try to register directly. If you can do this without any problems, your education center has the appropriate licenses and in a few minutes you can download the office for free.

Office 365 Register for Education

For that, We need to click on the link button, Which redirects you to the Microsoft registration page. As you can see, you have a text field to ask Enter the email address of the center. All you need is your education email, through which you will receive emails from the center and teaching staff.

After entering this address, click on “Start”. You will come Page that asks if you are a student or teacher. Once you have selected the option that suits you, you can Office 365 Register for Education You will be taken to the main page of

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You only need a small step to download Office for free on your computers. On the same page you will find a button “Installer Office”. If you click on it, you have two options: ாடுகள் Utilities Office 365 And “Other Installation Options”. Just click the first one to download the Office 365 Education package.

We have already reached the end! How easy it is to install Office for free on your computer. With Office 365 Education, you can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Teams Completely free. In addition, it is very common that your licenses will not be automatically revoked when you leave the education center, so you can enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time.