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The video game "Farming Simulator" returns with a harvest of challenges ... and competition to recruit real farmers

The video game “Farming Simulator” returns with a harvest of challenges … and competition to recruit real farmers

Want to drive a big tractor and harvest the fields as far as the eye can see and spend the nights there? Wear your boots and pixel jumpsuit right away Agricultural Simulator22. The 15th edition of the game has just been released.

The gaming community is interesting now. The 2019 edition sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, selling over one million games in ten days. “Agricultural Simulator Stimulates Urban Interest During Imprisonment”, Smiles Bastian, son of a farmer, fan of the license and under whose YouTube channel He is a fake “Stervio”, Is a reference

In sports, the goal is always to enrich your farm, raise pigs and chickens, cultivate rapeseed or improve your forest. The higher the yield, the more you will improve your land, your buildings, your garage.

To help you with this, you can choose from over 400 hyper-realistic machines and vehicles. Those interested in real John Deere, Massey Ferguson or New Holland tractors will find them in the game, but just like in real life, elements rage, rain and snow can deceive you and ruin your crops.

New this year, the map recreating a French drawer enriches the 2022 Opus. This fictional area is named Haut-Beyleron, which sounds like a local bonus. It was inspired by the Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Still very different terrain but in it you can produce grapes in particular … can be consumed without virtual first moderation.

“I also appreciate features like making bread or making textiles out of one’s own animal wool.”, Bastien continues, contacted by franceinfo. But above all, the reality of the work done on the graphics and the sound of the machines is impressive. ”

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This version encourages caring for nature. For example, there is an opportunity to become an alternative farmer by cultivating less waterlogged grain sorghum than maize. The game raises awareness about the importance of disappearing bees “in real life”. In Agricultural Simulator22, Your potato or sunflower plants will benefit from better growth by placing bees near them, which is the magic of pollination. Since you can produce and sell your honey, you will build the agricultural empire and increase the income by the same amount.

Keep in mind that there will even be an extension of the game to raise awareness about pesticide reduction. This “sustainable agriculture” is additionally supported and funded by the European Union. It will be available next spring when the real beets and carrots are harvested.

The French Ministry of Agriculture has also taken up the game of generating businesses through the organization Game Match. The government believes that the game Agricultural Simulator Makes young people interested in agriculture.

“These jobs are sometimes unknown, but they are meaningful and recruiting jobs.”, Minister of Agriculture Julian Denormandi explains to franceinfo who had the idea of ​​competition. “My goal is simple: to get young French people to talk about agriculture. Many of our farmers will retire in the next few years, almost half over ten years. So it has a role to play in renewing generations. ”

About 300 players have registered for the tournament and will be competing online throughout the weekend. The final of the competition takes place on December 6 and will air on Twitch. For all other gamers, Farming Simulator 22 is available on PS, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia.

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