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Download JDownloader (FREE) for Windows

Downloading files, especially if they are large enough, can take a long time and can cause crashes. Therefore, it is necessary to use tools to facilitate the download, for example JDownloader.

To choose “Avoid installation“Do not install harmful Facemoods Toolbar.

Key Features:

Software JDownloader A download manager created in Java. By managing downloads, especially with acceleration (if the system’s capacity allows it), it facilitates the transfer of files from hosts. Additionally, this software works for both premium file downloads, namely paid and free. So, any user can use this to facilitate their downloads. The program can download the streaming file. It is very practical. It can also save the user a lot of time in downloading. In addition to this functionality, it also has captcha recognition. Besides, it can also do automatic file compression. In addition to the functions mentioned above, JDownloader software also supports many encryption links. To do so, the user only needs to code, and the program takes care of the rest. Besides, it can import CCF, RSDF and newer DLC files.

However version 1, currently, Benefit from fewer updates, But version 2 is still in beta only. However, many bugs have been fixed and have become obsolete in version 1 usage, with very few plug-ins being updated and download failures.

Here you can find version 2 (beta):

Video presentation

“Software presentation on CCM: JDownloader”


The software is efficient and practical. It is completely free. It works in multilingual and especially in French. This is the last published version.

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It is very heavy and requires Java Runtime Environment (jre / jdk) 1.5 or higher to work. To see if you have the latest Java version:

To switch to the French version, go to Settings / User Interface / Language.