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The Telegram claims to have broken the record

The Telegram claims to have broken the record

Telegram messaging dropped from 56th to 5th place among the most downloaded free applications in the United States on Monday, according to specialty company Censor Tower.

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An exploitation of the telegram message. More than 70 million users have joined the Telegram Safe News system, its Russian founder Pavel Drove said on Tuesday (October 5) of a massive crash that has affected the applications of its rival Facebook.

Pavel Trow welcomed this record by quoting his Telegram account “Record increase in number of records”. “I am proud of our team that has managed this unprecedented growth as Telegram continues to operate smoothly for most of our users.”, The 36-year-old millionaire continued.

The unprecedented global blockade on Monday forced billions of users from WhatsApp to Instagram, without all of Facebook’s services via Messenger and Oculus. Taking advantage of the misfortune of others, the specialty agency Censor Tower reported that Telegram News dropped from 56th to 5th place among the most downloaded free apps in the United States on Monday.

Other competing networks such as Twitter also saw the arrival of users. “I would like to say to our new users: Welcome to Telegram, the world’s largest independent ambassador. We will not disappoint you when others do.”, Powell Drove promised on Tuesday.

In 2013 the brothers Pavel and Nikolai Trov, founded by the former creators of the very popular Russian social network VKontakte, claim to prioritize telegram security and generally refuse to cooperate with the authorities, which has earned siege efforts in some countries, especially in Russia. .

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In January 2021, Telegram was pleased to have already received 25 million users, with WhatsApp announcing that it would share more of its data with its parent company, Facebook.