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Can’t buy a license for the first time in 36 years

With Windows 11, Microsoft launches a new acquisition and distribution system: Unlike what has been done for nearly 40 years, the operating system can no longer be purchased. Why is that? Because the OS is free for those who already have a Windows 10 license.

If you Connect your desktop computer yourself, You will most likely need a Windows license (unless of course you choose an alternative OS). And from Windows 11 has just been released, Why not directly select the new version of the operating system?

With Windows 11, Microsoft makes an unexpected change: The operating system cannot be purchased separately. Of course, manufacturers can obtain a Windows 11 license to embed the OS in their computer. But for companies, for individuals, Microsoft does not license Windows 11, Permitting license Complete installation of the operating system by ISO image.

Windows 11 license can no longer be purchased

36 years ago Microsoft released a new operating system. Its name, you know for sure: Windows. Although it is possible to purchase software on physical media (floppy disks), Windows’ distribution system has evolved over time. We went from CD-ROM to DVD, then to a bootable USB key or to a simple license number purchased on the web. But anyway, it is always possible to buy a license for the latest version of Windows … to this day.

In fact, on the Microsoft site, there is no way to get a license Windows 11. No activation code, no physical support, just like it was at the beginning of Windows 10 … Information from a Microsoft spokesperson was confirmed to us today, During an event organized by the Redmond Giant in the center of Paris.

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But be sure, you can still buy Windows 10. And this is the essence of the process: To get Windows 11, you need to get a Windows 10 license. Getting a Windows 11 license is ultimately painless and transparent, as the new operating system is free for older version licensees.

Therefore, By purchasing Windows 10, you will get Windows 11. The activation code is valid in both cases. So, do not be afraid if you need to install the operating system on a run computer or PC without OS (yes, it is possible).

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