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The social media campaign is receding

The social media campaign is receding

of Michael Miskulin
A social media campaign in Cyberpunk 2077 probably backfired. In fact, the developers only wanted to provide information about various statistics about the game, but the frustrated players created their own conflicting datasheets to complain about missing features of the title.

Development Studio CD Project Red recently launched a social media campaign for Cyberbunk 2077, which made fun of gamers. The developers wanted to celebrate not only the milestones in the science fiction game, but the players responded with ridicule and memes.

Cyberbunk 2077: Developers wanted to provide information on various statistics

The Cyberpunk 2077 team first announced some facts about science fiction on Twitter – for example, the number of defeated enemies in the game. Then they could be 13 billion opponents. Or North Oak should be the safest neighborhood in Night City – or Wellsprings where most deaths occur every day. Players used the character generator for over 6.36 million hours. More statistics of this kind can be found here The official Twitter page of Cyberpunk 2077.

Some disappointed players wanted the relatively devastating release of Cyberbunk 2077 The stomach is still heavy, which is why they began to share their own realities in the form of conflicting graphics. So it was set up in a real avalanche movement, in which Cyberbank 20077 fooled complaints of missing features. Subsequent adjustment of the appearance of one’s own character (such as hairstyle), for example, was carried out in the zero mode – due to lack of feature.

Or 0 million Edis (coin in Knight City) was spent on car modifications and not a single bullet was fired from a vehicle in the open world. Instead, players jokingly noted that more than 7.3 million Knight City police officers had to contact the player on the phone behind him.

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Cyberpunk 2077: The “big update” becomes a mystery

Used favorably Many Reddit users They used the right font, the same colors and footage of the announcement trailer for their facts. The soundtrack is icing on the cake played by a curved recorder in the background. We hope that CD Project Red will provide some features later.

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