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These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

Like every week, NextPit picks good deals for apps and mobile games for iOS and Android that usually charge, but are temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This list is updated weekly, and now we add at least two weekly editions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Between the publication and the time you read this article, some applications may be charged again. Predicting Google Play Store ads in apps is easy, but it’s more complicated with App Store ads because Apple does not specify how long the discount will be valid.

Small advice: Find an interesting application, but you can not use it now? Install the app anyway, then uninstall it from your device. This way the application will be part of your application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way not to miss an interim ad.

Temporarily free Android apps on the Google Play Store

Android Play Productivity / Lifestyle apps are temporarily free in the Google Play Store

  • Auto Rotate Control Pro (2,49): Set the auto-rotate option for each app on your smartphone or tablet, no worries about looking for shortcuts in device options;
  • Hugh Melody (0.99): Why not automate home lighting to change based on music reading? Hugh detects melody music tones and changes the colors of the environment accordingly;
  • Simple Nav Bar – Navigation Menu – Simple Control (0.79): Add extra functionality to the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, even with action options and position change for longer trays.
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Temporarily free Android games on the Google Play Store

  • Lonely hacker (2,50): Well received by critics, this game puts you in the shoes of a hacker with thousands of devices to hack around the world;
  • Psychiatric Hospital III (1.49): Arrange fear and a lot of tension in a hospital to be abandoned, but ..;
  • Fort Defender Premium (0.59): A tower defense game with mythical characters to defend your castle;
  • Dungeon shooter (1.49): First-person shooter with RPG elements, explore graves in search of treasures;
  • Ruby Square (0.89): 2D Magic Cube with different difficulty levels, suitable for puzzle and logic enthusiasts;
  • Soul Warrior Premium (0.59): Choose your character and start the journey against evil, but beware of in-app purchases;
  • Stickman Ghost Premium (0.59): Another game featuring Stickman, this time you are battling all sorts of creatures trying to upgrade your devices;
  • Zombie Age 3 Premium (0.99): Did you think we missed a game with the Zombies this week? Well, ZA3P is the free game of the week in which you must retain undead crowds, controlling characters similar to Batman, Bruce Lee, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, Ryu pop culture icons;
  • Blackthorn Castle (3,99): An adventure game in which you play as an “adventurer” and you have to help your uncle Henry find an artifact hidden in Blackthorn Castle in England.

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

IOS Productivity / Lifestyle apps are temporarily free from the Apple App Store

  • Fonts: Install new fonts (2,29): Install new fonts on your iPhone or iPod to provide a personalized touch to your pages, Word, PowerPoint or important documents;
  • Kindsuki (21.99): Develop your self-awareness by recording voice notes;
  • Oracis HD (2,29): This is so good to be true. Using the proprietary image processing algorithm, the application guarantees HDR photos with a single exposure;
  • Get started here with Dinrocket (

    Quickly edit videos for social media, using the most interesting areas to attract the attention of your followers;
  • Stream music player (2,29): Access and listen to your music stored on cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OnDrive and more;
  • Small band (3,49): Application or game? Assemble your own band and learn the difference of sound between different instruments, all with beautiful graphics;
  • Rain Radar (5.49): Monitor clouds and storms with radar images in many parts of the planet;
  • Hugh Melody (1,09): Why not automate the lighting in your home to change based on music reading? Hugh detects melody music tones and changes the colors of the environment accordingly;
  • Once (5.49): In shop description, OneMetio guarantees the most accurate global forecasts because source data is used by sectors such as aviation. This service is available in Portuguese;
  • Stellar Tour- A.R. Starcaser (1,09): The best complement to the “Moon” app, this app allows you to point your smartphone at the night sky and you will get information about the stars.
  • Yovindo Weather (3,49): Good weather application that shows a realistic terrain on the screen with the right weather forecast at this time. If it rains outside, it will rain on your iPhone. If you scroll to the future, you will see the upcoming weather forecast.
  • Murmur (1,09): Record your emotions with voice recordings in a digital diary;
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Temporarily free iOS games on the Apple App Store

  • Digital dog (

    This is a good thing for those who need the motivation to adopt, maintain, feed and even walk a virtual dog (real, with the device, in the real world) for a little work. ‘Exercise;
  • Transport brain (2,29): It is basically a traffic light simulator that manages the programming of traffic lights and controls the flow of vehicles at increasingly complex stages;
  • Super Lumberjack (1,09): The WTF recommendation of the week is to restrict one (apparently naked) trees to collecting firewood and not killing evil rabbits;
  • Night stars (

    Clear blocks from the pitch, with the option of facing the time limit;
  • Cooking Kawaii (1,09): Manage a kitchen (additionally) and take customer orders in a timely manner while learning dozens of cooking tips from different countries;
  • LVL (2,29): This puzzle game enthusiastically mixes 3D and 2D and has over 50 custom levels and over 150 levels. The app takes up 127MB, but it’s worth testing because it’s free today.
  • Rush Runner Train Surf 3D (1,09): Classic endless runner with good rankings and colorful candy graphics;

What do you think of our selection this week? Did you find any more interesting advertising apps or games on Google Play Store or Apple App Store? You can share your tips in the comments.