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The secret of the protein folder published by Google

The secret of the protein folder published by Google

Google Artificial Intelligence can predict the 3D structure of any molecule encoded by the human genome. A major improvement that opens up considerable possibilities.

“Incredible”, “Revolutionary”, “Blunt” … When they talk about the Alphafold operating system, which was released a few days ago by Deep Mind (a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company), experts say there is no shortage of bosses. This artificial intelligence tool can predict the structure of almost all proteins encoded by the human genome. This opens up new perspectives, especially in medicine, on most therapeutic products targeting proteins. Since the release of the human genome in 2003, the availability of all of these human “proteomes” may mark a new turning point for biomedical research.

The basic components of organisms, proteins, control the function of each of our cells. They are essential for all biological functions from digestion to neurological communication and reproduction. Enzymes, hormones, receptors, transporters and proteins are everywhere.

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