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Tricky School Statistics: Berlin is the capital of teacher shortage - isn't it?  - Berlin

Tricky School Statistics: Berlin is the capital of teacher shortage – isn’t it? – Berlin

There is nothing against career changers: tens of thousands of them save schools every day between Pocholt and Pattson, between Spondau and Staklitz. In Berlin alone, if education ministers did not agree in 2013 to recognize qualified educators as teachers under clearly defined conditions, one in four students would be without mathematics lessons.

Side entrants are especially thankful for new ideas and a different perspective of the school because they can expand the boundaries of the college.

However, according to the Research Council, they should not go out of their way to unilaterally appoint schools as centers, as it is very difficult to find self-trained educators.

However, all attempts at a fair distribution of lateral entrants failed. For a long time, it was only a matter of filling the occasional vacant faculty position, although good lateral entrants are now considered a side of luck: the alternative is often to bring in non-expert educators such as archaeologists or social workers.

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In a national comparison, Berlin came down. But no one should notice: the education administration has been refusing to release statistics showing the number of newcomers who have qualified for many years. Instead, they are usually statistically linked together with trained teachers.

Statistically, lateral entrants are continuously integrated with trained teachers.Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth / dpa

No one can understand what is being done to the children of Berlin: because people who are not constantly trained are not only focusing on the focal point, especially in elementary schools, the basis of the whole school life so life is laid.

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Even countries plagued by teacher shortages, such as North Rhine-Westphalia, are reluctant to step aside from elementary schools, as it can be devastating if anything goes wrong with literacy and the tricky introduction to the world of numbers.

Its Ministry of Education warns that providing these skills requires “excellent technical and practical knowledge and in-depth knowledge of students’ developmental stages”.
And the D டுsseldorf Minister also publishes a quota of career changers hired in other school categories – looking back ten years. So it works. But not in Berlin.