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Google Maps Defeated: Stifting Warrant with Amazing Results

Google Maps Beaten: Stifting Warrant with Amazing Results

If you want to quickly find the right path to your goal, you can be guided for free. This is the result of a stifling warrant that put 17 navigation solutions under the microscope. Seven of the 15 navigation apps are free and “good”. Both payment applications are “satisfactory”.

Magazine “Trial” (Release 8/2021) Total 13 applications and two classic navigation devices “Tom Tom Go Discover 7” (299 euros) and “Garmin DrivesSmart 65 & Digital Transport” (250 euros) “Good” Here, testers from leading providers Only the two most expensive models were compared. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of the growing popularity of smartphone navigation.

TomTom has conquered Google Maps

TomTom has been involved in multiple applications and is at the forefront of applications for Android devices with the fee-based application “Tom Tom Go Navigation” (Grade 1.9). Behind it lands the free “Google Maps” (2.0) and the rechargeable “ZigZag GPS Navigation” (2.1). Among iOS apps, “Google Maps” (1.9) comes preceded by “Apple Maps” (2.0), and the free, “ZigZag GPS Navigation” (2.0 fee).

Some applications, such as Tom Tom Go navigation, store devices on the map. It consumes memory, but on the other hand has less data consumption via mobile phone. Otherwise, depending on the tariff outside the EU, it will be expensive. For example, both “Apple Maps” or “Tom Tom Amigo” (2.5) and “Ways” (2.2) are rated free and “good”, and graphic material is available on the Internet. It will be loaded to the respective path. Then it works the other way around: storage space is free, but the amount of data increases.

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