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The screen is not the only novelty

The screen is not the only novelty

From Sarah Betsold
After the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED, iFixit ‘s technologists avoided the new hardware. Conclusion: Nintendo has replaced the console with another component in addition to the screen.

What does the new Nintendo Switch OLED look like from the inside? What has changed compared to the old Nintendo Switch? The hardware experts at IFixit wanted to find out and subjected the console to a comprehensive tear test. In doing so, they discovered that Nintendo had tinkered with another component in addition to the display.

The OLED switch system is more compact than the older version

Techies immediately noticed: Nintendo has made the individual components of the console much smaller than a regular switch. In particular, the cooling has changed: both the fan and the heat sink are smaller than before. In addition, the Nintendo game card, SD card slot and audio jack are integrated into a circuit board, which affects repairs compared to a regular switch.

According to IFixit, the OLED screen appears to be very thin and brittle, but has a better impact on the editorial board than comparable OLED displays on Samsung smartphones. The editors could not find any change in the Joycons, except that the controllers were sitting in the houses more securely than before. So there is no additional adjustment for the Jaycon slip.

The fact that Nintendo has finally improved the speakers has been well received by experts. They give the Nintendo OLED switch repair quality 7 out of 10. The rating is one point higher than the normal switch. The Nintendo Switch OLED has been in stores for about 360 euros (RRP) since October 8, 2021. Various online retailers currently offer consoles, but buyers may have to wait up to six weeks.

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That: iFixit (Via கோலம்)

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