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Nintendo Switch: Shows Deartown internal functions

Nintendo Switch: Shows Deartown internal functions

On IFixit, the tear of the new Nintendo Switch OLED was released this week and the console was routinely disassembled into its individual parts. As always, there is a score for “repair”: 7 points out of 10 is possible.

This means the new switch works slightly worse than the old switch, but a lot has changed under the hood. The basic structure is the same, but there are many new components such as a small cooler.


There is no point reduction for this, but for non-modular memory and card reader integration. Nothing happened with Joy Khan, but it seems that Nintendo could solve the gliding problem somehow. It is there and in case of emergency you can fix Joy Khan.

More details about tears, lots of pictures of internal processes, As always, available directly from iFixit. A video was also made for the switch:

Video: Nintendo Switch OLED Tear Down

Video: Nintendo Switch OLED Im Test

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