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Domtendo ??  Let's play Nintendo's No. 1 game -

Domtendo ?? Let’s play Nintendo’s No. 1 game –

The first videos appeared on the channel eleven years ago. Lets Player has now expanded its reach to more than 1.3 million people.

There will be countless players on the YouTube scene. But many of them specialize in specific areas. The first address on how to play everything about Nintendo is the Tomento Channel. With over 1.36 million subscribers and over two billion views, it is one of the leaders in this area not only in Germany but also in Europe. The canal has been operated by 28-year-old Dominic Newmeyer for more than eleven years.

In 2010 Newmeyer graduated from Government High School in Gerret Street, near Munich. He applied for an apprenticeship as a media designer for film and sound, but did not receive a training level due to the large number of competitors. At first he wanted to join a technical college as an alternative, but decided against it. Instead, he took the risk of living on YouTube. Shortly before graduating in March 2010 he released the first content on his channel. His first videos were about Pokmon.

The channel’s main focus is on owners like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Lego City. The video with the most clicks has 5.3 million views and it can be played with a new Super Mario Brothers This time around, two videos about 30 minutes long are usually released every day. Multiplayer titles like Mario Party can also be found on the channel. His wife, Julie, whom he married in September 2020 after an eight-year relationship, will usually appear as a partner. Julie also runs a YouTube channel called Julius Stealth, which has 73,000 subscribers, but has been very inactive recently. They both have a dog named Nero.

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The 28-year-old when he completes a project, he usually gives a rating of 0-100 points for the last part. Here the advantages and disadvantages and differences of special features and precursors are taken into account. The synchronization of different characters is especially popular. Occasionally Newmeyer would deviate from the actual text and thus find dialogues between characters that were ambiguous and contradictory. However, his channel has undergone significant changes over the years. Initially, his style was very youthful and was characterized by many strong expressions and blur. The intention is now very professional. This is reflected in the renaming of the channel from “Geilkind” to “Domtendo”.

Live Streams is also part of the Lets Player website. Initially, these can be found on the page. Newmeyer has been streaming Twitches since 2014, where he now has 95,000 followers. Streams are also occasionally released on YouTube Gaming. In addition, the second channel Domtendo Clips is also active with 51,600 subscribers. In addition to hoodies, t-shirts, caps and gym bags, you can also find mugs and metal labels with various YouTube logos in their own online store.

In early August 2018, Nintendo became the first German channel Domonto to surpass the number of one million subscribers in the region. Since then, the 28-year-old fan base has only grown. Eleven years later he was still able to keep his channel relevant, which will definitely last a long time.