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"The relationship between 2K games and the gearbox does not change" - Nert 4.Life

“The relationship between 2K games and the gearbox does not change” – Nert 4.Life

Yesterday THQ Nordic, through its parent company, the Empress Group, acquired Gearbox, the software home of the Borderlands, but also the Battlefield and Brothers weapons. However, one thing does not change Relationships Randy Pitchford’s studio and 2K game, Especially Borderlands And all future plans are active.

Yesterday’s news, in fact, asked if this acquisition would somehow change the deals between Gearbox and one of its reference publishers or 2K Games. The two companies have, in fact, collaborated on products such as Borderlands and Battlefourn, but also Duke Nuge, the historic license holder in the hands of Gearbox. But apparently theirs Cooperation is very firm And will last a long time. Both companies, in fact, have mysterious new projects in the works.

However, the acquisition will not change any of the existing agreements. “As the publisher of Borderlands, we are delighted with our Gearbox partners and their company for this exciting new chapter. This link does not change 2K’s relationship with Gearbox or our role as Editor of Borderlands or any other projects we are currently working with on the studio. We cannot wait to pursue our own Collaboration Create new and exciting entertaining experiences with this incredibly talented team to serve fans for a long time and around the world.. “

Did you know that filming for Borderlands is about to begin?