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Who has the Crunchroll Jig Al Alchemist

VoD provider Crunchroll announced today KnownThe license for the film “Who Has the Alchemist” (Japanese: “Da Ka Dam No Alchemist”) has been preserved and will be available in German in original language from midnight today.

Based on the anime mobile game

The nearly two-hour anime film was directed by Shoji Kawamori (“Macross F”) and Masanori Takahashi (“Inno Battle in Daily Life”) at Satellite Studios. Toshiso Nemoto (“Baguden !!”) wrote the screenplay and Akiyoshi Yasuda provided the music.

“Who Has the Alchemist for” celebrated its Japanese cinema premiere in June 2019. The film is based on the mobile game “The Alchemist Code”, which was created by Kumi and can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android.

The English translation is available in the respective stores.

Download game:
>> Android
>> iOS




The game takes place on the continent of Babel, where the Babel Tower is located over seven countries. After the invention of alchemy led to its use as a tool of war that brought humanity to the brink of destruction, the seven nations reluctantly made peace, resulting in alchemy being banned for hundreds of years.

In the continental year of 911, the Nation of Lustre broke the treaty by uniting an alchemical-backed army with the aim of capturing the continent. Led by Envilia, the remaining six nations formed an alliance and crushed the rogue nation. After that, alchemy was banned again. But 20 years later it is confusing again …

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