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1.3 - Barbara's voice sounds like "an old lady in bingo" after the update

1.3 – Barbara’s voice sounds like “an old lady in bingo” after the update

Video game updates tend to change many details: most are reported, others are hidden, often due to minor inconsistencies. In the case Kensh’s impact AndUpdate 1.3However, there was a “secret” change that did not escape the players: Barbara’s voice, One of the most important characters in the game, editing. A Reddit user went so far as to define it equally “An old woman in bingo“.

You can ask yourself the difference between the new version and the old version via the Reddit post available below. Barbara is an energetic, very “anime” character, A pop statue that excites the player. The new 1.3 update of Jenshin Impact instead lowers the tone of the voice and is very different to the taste of the fans.

It’s about one Strange changeAlso: Can a section of the audience complain about Barbara’s voice? Of course, Western audiences of Jenshi’s influence did not appreciate Maiho’s action. For our part, when it comes to understanding the editor’s sense of humor, we will not go so far as to call her “an old lady in bingo”, but of course The new voice is less intelligent and more energetic.

Players ‘complaints are loud enough to reach developers’ ears, and above all, who knows if the latter will want to hear. Meanwhile, we can see the trailer and gameplay of Xiao The Conqueror of Demons.

Barbara’s ability voices have been updated From r / Genshin_Impact