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Paradoxical Interactivity: An Inquiry Reveals All Frequent Misdiagnosis - News

Paradoxical Interactivity: An Inquiry Reveals All Frequent Misdiagnosis – News

Swedish site Fracture The results of this study were conducted among 133 employees of a publisher in August, and today it employs more than 400 people at its headquarters in Stockholm. According to the results, 44% of employees surveyed say they enjoyed it. “Bad treatments“In the work environment. Women representing 26% of those questioned in the structure of the survey should be reported as having 69% experience.”Improper treatment“Against 33%, of course, the majority in the workforce. Bullying and gender discrimination are one of the most frequently cited issues.

The investigation points to a “culture of peace” within the company in which it is almost impossible to find an employee who has been abused. The internal opinion is that those who engage in inappropriate activities are protected by the company. “Attack therapy is a systemic problem and very common for paradox“, Concludes the unions’ report, which was presented to Human Resources Director Marina Hedman last Monday, and then to Lungerot, who still serves as CEO.

In response to the report, which describes it as “disappointing”, Paradox Interactive wants to conduct its own internal employee survey. According to Loic Fontaine, who has been in charge of the group’s communications department since January 2020, the conflict seeks to take the necessary steps to keep the unions’ investigation parallel to its own internal research. “Contradiction is in the process of involving an external, neutral company to conduct a thorough review of our processes and a comprehensive employee survey.“The communications manager of the paradox wrote.

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This will help us advance our efforts on all the topics we have tried to improve over the past few years – harassment and abuse will be at the forefront, but we will also look at reasonable topics such as recruitment and compensation, permanent awareness of prejudices or additions“, Can we read too?

Ebba Ljugerund resigned last week and returned his role as CEO to FEDrik Wester.

The survey comes after the announcement of the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Eppa Lugerant since his appointment in February 2018. Contradictory Interactive Quotes “Differences in business strategy to be followed in the future“To explain this departure and Frederick Wester, who has already replaced him as CEO, confirms that there is a contradictory connection.”No contact“Between the results of the investigation and the departure of Lucerne.

However, this is not the first time Paradox Interactive has been targeted for this type of problem. In September 2020, employees of the Quality Assurance Department condemned mistreatment, low pay and poorly managed layoffs. Employees spoke on site Rock Paper Shotgun A few months after the signing of a collective bargaining agreement between the union and the union, employees must be provided with a formal framework that best affects their pay, benefits and responsibilities.

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