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The protagonist's underwear is not hearts -

The protagonist’s underwear is not hearts –

With Goblin resurrection of demons Soon, Balagon did an interesting interview Tokuro Fujiwara, The creator of the original game for Capcom, during which a shocking revelation emerged The protagonist’s underwear Arthur.

Anyone who has played on the Ghosts’ Goblins, but even if they have seen it somewhere, it is only possible that Arthur’s iconic underwear is imprinted on his mind that he was the victim of a mistake. A mistake that lasted 36 years old For many: they are not white underwear with printed deities Hearts.

There are actually little figures that can be seen in Sir Arthur’s boxers Strawberries, This is what Fujiwara revealed in the general uprising. Truth be told, it’s very easy to fall into disappointment: during Coblins’ original Ghosts, the protagonist’s spirit was so small and poorly defined that it was impossible to make clear sense of the figures underwear, which actually looked like tiny red pixels.

Fujiwara explained that the truth only came to light through the subsequent graphic rework, which can also be seen in the new Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection: “Everyone has the most important detail I have to reveal, and people don’t know it.” Realizing that he had to end this giant collective disappointment once and for all, “the drawings in his underwear are really strawberries”.

Fujiwara and “Arthur seems a lot Rudely Armored, but sincerely he likes to have personal contact and wear his favorite boxers. “On the other hand, the creator of the series revealed” they are the gift he received Princess They also act as a mother to protect Arthur in battle. “

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Notice that this weirdness is evident from the original concept art, so it’s not really a big secret, and the strawberries in Arthur’s underwear were also seen in some of Marvel Versus ’interception scenes. Capcom 3. A little, though Confusion The protagonist of Maximo Versus is curiously, considering it, driven by Capcom. The Jinn army, considered the spiritual heir of the series, had underwear with hearts.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours a third video diary of Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection has been released, focusing on the difficulty of the game, which is the original feature.

Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection, Sir Arthur fights with flames in his usual underwear