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Jenshi's Impact Head to Head Attempt, How to Complete the Search?  - Breakflip

Jenshi’s Impact Head to Head Attempt, How to Complete the Search? – Breakflip

Find the solution to the world’s “face to face” search in this guide.

In Kensh’s impact, You can complete multiple searches by any means. Among the available ones, there is one thing that worries the gaming world, ” Trying on each other .

This work was included in the event release ” Lantern Festival “And can be found in” Festival events ”On the event page.

How to end the quest for “one on one try” under the influence of Jenshi?

To get this quest, you must attend the Lighting Festival event. As a reminder, you should respect the following points:

If you respect these conditions and attend the event, go to the page dedicated to it. ” Festival events As in the picture below.

You have different searches that you can accept. Click on one of the quests that you want to “try on each other” and accept it.

Join the customs at the location marked on your map Talk to him.

It tells you another place you need to reach to take a photo. On the spot, Do not use daguerreotype Most Use the available photo function by pressing Esc Select the corresponding icon on the left.

Then join the second place and take a photo of the port.

Now go back to the customs Almond tofu. Give him what he wants, you have to join Sungi and Shiva.

Join the conversation to complete this search and then talk to Sungi again.

As a reward, you will receive 30 Prime Gems, 20,000 Mora and 100 Festival Fever points.

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If you want to know more about this search, you can watch the video above Herias.