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Self-optimization: Ten video games that are not fun

Self-optimization: Ten video games that are not fun

One good thing about video games is that they can be absolute results within themselves. Pleasure, escapism, pettiness – wasting time in the best sense of the word. Players enjoy stories, game mechanics training and virtual experiences. Your own successes are only in the digital world – on the mobile phone, on the console, on the computer.

But video games can teach you things for everyday life or contribute subconsciously to people who take something away from the game. The game can create a quality, skill or mood by asking you.

We offer ten games that combine fun and self-optimization.

Logic: Care Assemble Attention

In the game world devices operate according to certain logical rules. If you want to rewind a cassette in “Assemble with Care”, you need to insert a pen into one of the holes and twist it. In the game, players are provided with defective items that need to be repaired again and again. Tasks become more complex as the game progresses, and each object tells the story of the person who owns it.

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