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The producer explains how it binds with Final Fantasy 1 -

The producer explains how it binds with Final Fantasy 1 –

Producer of Paradise is the stranger of the ultimate fantasy look He talked about the game How does this relate to Final Fantasy 1?. The manufacturer claims that this is an alternative version of the first game of franchise.

Attention, if you go beyond the picture, you can see the details of the plot related to the Stranger of Paradise you think. Spoiler. Proceed at your own risk.

The three main protagonists of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

One of the most interesting elements of the story of Final Fantasy Origin in The Stranger of Paradise is that, as you know, he plays the role of Jack, and in the end he is. Evening, The main enemy of Final Fantasy 1, reveals “how this brave hero was once pushed to the very bottom” by the upcoming action RPG.

Speaking of why history goes in this direction, Fujiwara “A lot of villains appear in early end-fantasy titles, but their stories are not particularly deep. I think they must have had a clear intention to become a good enemy villain, so I thought it would be interesting to dig deeper. In this aspect of Carland.”

“Inside Final Imagination1, You see him as a warrior who embraced darkness from the very beginning of the game, but the story does not explore why he took that path. We thought we could expand the story of the original game through the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin by explaining why Garland went so far.

This is how we see the story of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin ‘Alternative Description’ of Final Fantasy 1. It’s easy to imagine it happening in a universe parallel to the original game. ”

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Nobumichi Kumabe of the Ninja Group, the director of the game, explained how the prototype of this central story had an impact. Sports. He said: “The path to becoming Jack Garland is the foundation of the story, so we decided to take his devastating impulse as a central concept, which we do not see in other final fantasy characters, and translate it into various elements. We first expressed the concept of” Soul Burst. ” In the end we chose visual crystallization to combine that hilarious presentation with the beauty of Final Fantasy.

All of these plot details allow us to understand how the game stands out in relation to the original. At the same time, we must not forget that in terms of the game, Opera has completely changed the genre, from a once-based JRPG to a soul-like action game. Recently, the new Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Kamble and Cutseens videos were also shown.