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Super Green Boss, Wizard: What it is, when it expires, how you download it and the difference from the basic one

Super Green Boss, Wizard: What it is, when it expires, how you download it and the difference from the basic one

In the beginning it was Green bass, Became super in its updated version. Now the government schedule is likely to reduce the deadline to 150-180 days, hence the current 9 to 5 or 6 months (already reduced to the previous 12). Without it Green certificate There are many limitations in Italy at this time. With Super Green Boss, It allows access to restaurants, theaters, theaters, and theaters during a completed vaccination cycle or if recovering from covid disease, while only a basic version is licensed by Swap. Does not allow a series of actions similar to the previous ones.

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Super Green Boss, How It Works: Questions and Answers

What is Super Green Boss?

This is a green certificate valid from December 6 to January 15, but has been extended with a number of changes. After the control room scheduled for tomorrow, Prime Minister Drake himself will make it clear that he will also announce the news about the Christmas and New Year holidays and the restrictions in view of the renaissance of the Omigron wave and epidemics.

How it works

Those who have already received the Basic Green Pass following recovery from a vaccine or virus do not have to do anything: their certificate is automatically “modified” and the QR code does not lose its validity. The “old” Green Pass became super without downloading another certificate.

When you receive

Super Green Pass is made from the twelfth day after the first dose and is valid from the fifteenth day until the second dose. For other doses or covid recovery, the green pass will be formed after two days and is valid from the fourteenth day.

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What is the difference between a Super Green Pass and a “Basic” Pass?

The first is obtained only by vaccination or by recovery from Kovit-19, the second is given with a negative result of swap, which is molecular and rapid antigenic.

How long will it last?

Currently the Super Green Pass period is 9 months but the government is considering changing it to 5-6 months.

How the tests take place

At the entrances to restaurants or theaters, theaters or gyms, the code is verified by the staff through the VerificationC19 processor. Prior to this, you only need to read the scanned pass valid information. However, now also check whether the certificate was obtained by vaccination, recovery certificate or wipe. Where access is granted only with the Super Green Pass, the apps will report and exclude “basic” green passes obtained through Swap.

What happens in the case of a booster? Has a new green pass been issued?

Yes, after the third dose of the vaccine, a new green permit will be issued and the vaccinator will receive a message with the new authorization via SMS or email within 48 hours.

How to download Super Green Pass?

The certificate can be downloaded from the Government website ( with the Spide Health Card or digital ID, through the Immuni App or the Io App. By downloading the Immune App or IO App, you will see the appropriate section of the “EU Digital Govt Certificate” visible on the home screen of the app.

To get a green pass, you must enter: the last 8 digits of the health card identification number, its expiration date, and one of the personal codes received (recovery certificate). Alternatively, the authorization code (Authcode) received via email or SMS can be entered at the addresses provided during the health service. The green Covid-19 certificate is shown in the video and the QR code stored on the smartphone can be viewed and displayed even offline. Green Pass can also be downloaded by accessing the Regional Electronic Health Register. You can get it from your primary care physician or pharmacy.

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Can those who are exempt from the vaccine get the Super Green Pass?

Yes, after certification from your doctor or local health authority or vaccination center. According to a circular from the Ministry of Health, those who develop severe reactions to the vaccine or those who develop an allergic reaction following the first dose administration or develop Guilin-Ferre syndrome are eligible for the exemption. There were cases of myocarditis or pericarditis 6 weeks after vaccination, or after administration of Pfizer or Moderna.