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Short time: Download Rayman Origins for free

Ramon Origins is currently free: if you like the cult game, you should hurry

For over 25 years, jump & run hero Ramon has jumped on the screens of the world and become a true cult figure. Rayman Origins is currently available for free on PC with the Ubisoft Club free offer. This ad ends Dec. 22 at 10 p.m., After which you can keep the game permanently.

If you want to avail the offer, you need to register for a short, free. But the registration effort is definitely worth it, because Ubisoft is obviously offering multiple games during its anniversary.

Play a crazy story with friends in co-op mode

The levels at which Ray Man appears are very varied and sometimes fast.

Image: Ubisoft

In Ramon Origins, evil dark mushrooms destroy dreams. The frightened angel group then calls Ramon for help, who must chase away the evil allies. Unfortunately, the hero of the light is not at the peak of his physical and mental powers, after which he joins his best friend Globox and two brilliant little wizards. The story is told very glamorously and the slapstick is full of humor.

Backgrounds drawn with great care for details appear on the screen in high resolution HD graphics. However, the hardware requirements of “Ramon Origins” are limited and the game for children for today’s PCs.

The jump & run adventure can be played by up to four players on one screen, with each player being allowed to control one of the heroes presented above.

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