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The previously unknown Eastreg was discovered 25 years later

The previously unknown Eastreg was discovered 25 years later

No time now?

Twitter user Albaqur has a rare hobby. User searches for Easter eggs – even in antique software. With this, Albacore discovered the previously unknown Mortimer-Eastrek over the weekend.

The 26-year-old Windows 95 In all, Albacore invented an Easter egg that is unknown until now. In any case, this does not appear to be the case in the well – known Eastrek perspectives. Albacore discovered the search in the mail program of the ancient operating system.

“It’s never too late to find Easter eggs,” Albahoor says on Twitter, thus gaining the community’s approval. In the video link to the tweet, Albacore describes the way the message is displayed, referring to it as his or her Mortimer-Eastrek.

Eastrek is quickly called. Open the “Internet Mail” program from the Windows Start menu. There you can switch to the “Help” menu item and then click on “About Microsoft Internet Mail and Messages” in the drop-down menu. In the following screen you will mark the file comctl32.dll and type the word “MORTIMER” on the keyboard. Automatic scrolling overview of programmers working on the program now begins.

Coincidentally, Albacore accidentally discovered Eastrek in the mail program. By itself, Eastrek was the target of the “Windows 95 Product Team” desire.

This is a well-known and well-detailed overview of Microsoft employees’ names, beginning with the words “People Behind the Magic of Windows 95”.

If you are wondering how anyone can come up with the idea of ​​typing Mortimer in place of X: Welcome.

Because Eastrek (Easter Egg) is a special feature on software, games, and websites that their developers keep secret, they are not easy to find. Over the years, Google has proven to be particularly naughty, with its Easter eggs already with us Here And Here Saw.

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